Vostok 5 lives again for the next 12 days albeit in a reduced form.

We have all contributed work to So Far the Future. A science/art exhibition at 44 Emerald Street, London, WC1N 3LH from 08 - 20 December 2011.

My last three framed Russian Dog Pictures are there for the knock down Xmas price of £60 each.

Including this one http://vimeo.com/25968700

A video of me doing my most well known song about Space from our small acoustic show at the Vostok 5 exhibition back in September.

I’ve just added the Vostok 5 record to bandcamp so you can download it or just select your favourite bits. I’ve also included 4 demos which you can buy separately if you already have the physical version.

A hi-res PDF of the cover/poster is also included in the download. Just £3.

Star City, and The Cosmonaut Who Never Flew

One of the best things about taking part in the Vostok 5 exhibition for me has been discovering the music of Robert Rotifer. We couldn’t decide which of his contributions to the Vostok 5 CD to post up here, so I’ve put both up. The album can be bought by clicking on the yellow button to the right, and you can check out more of Robert’s music on his website.

Posted by Duncan.

Duncan here. This is the first of a few song we filmed at our show at The Outside World gallery during the Vostok 5 exhibition. This song is called Maria, and it’s also on the Vostok 5 CD. I’ll be posting more songs sung by Robert and Darren in the next few days, as a preview to the Vostok 5 gig at the Wilmington Arms.

Mercury 7 Vases

Hello! Sarah here,

Just a brief post to let you know you can read a little about my Mercury 7 vases (see below) that were exhibited at the gallery over here and also buy my comic all about Yuri Gagarin here

I sold a little less then half of my Russian Dog paintings at the gallery so here are all the rest, available to buy online. Feel free to email me questions. I am also selling the very popular Russian Space Dog poster for those with less to spend!

Duncan here. The exhibition came down today. It was a little bit like this:

Thanks to everyone who came down to see the show and made it so enjoyable. Stay tuned to the blog as we will be showing more of our artwork here, as well as footage from the accoustic show, previews for the upcoming Vostok 5 Live Spectacular at the Wilmington Arms, and possibly other fascinating space paraphernalia we have found along the way.

Coming back to Earth

It’s the last day of the Vostok 5 exhibition. Until the September 21st gig at the Wilmington Arms comes around, we will exhibit unsold art on this blog, and you can, of course, still come down and buy stuff from 11am to 8pm today.

Important note to everyone who has bought something that they haven’t taken home yet: This (Wed September 7th) is the day to pick up your picture.

If you can’t make it today, please get in touch with us or with the gallery.

Also, a film purely about Belka and Strelka, in Russian